Smart Training Tactics For A Bodybuilder

Smart Training Tactics For A Bodybuilder


Everyone fears getting stuck in a weight room rut with gains stalled for day, weeks and worse. So don’t show up to the gym five days a week while altering your diet for max tissue accumulation while simultaneously trying to cut up. That won’t work period. Don’t turn your efforts into a robotic approach your gains will go as stale as your favorite aunts baked goods. First plan to use a full plethora of rep ranges to help add size and strength as quickly as possible.

Low Reps [4-6] with heavy weight is best for stimulating the fast twitch fibers [the fibers with the most potential for growth and strength]. Middle repetition range of 8-12 is still considered king for overall additions of size and strength but don’t get comfy training in this zone you will adapt and your body will pull the e-brake on your gains. High Rep Sets are ideal for getting “the pump” which actually stretches the muscle cell making it temporarily bigger while also setting off biochemical processes that encourage the muscle to grow. The changes in rep ranges along with proper diet and rest can lead to shocking growth if your training has been at a stand point for a while. But don’t rest there you’ll also want to consider adding a couple tools to your workout sessions. Weight Belts have a number of studies supporting its usage in the right situation primarily in the lifting heavy squatting and bent over rows.

Accessory Advantages

The point of such utilizing the belt in such situations is to support intra-abdominal wall pressure, which helps keep the spine aligned. Research shows that you will not only be safer but able to lift more weight which will lead to getting bigger and stronger, so make sure you have a good belt to use. Straps and an ipod/phone ect are the next items. Even if you are completely against using straps research has shown you should use them for every set on pulling exercise, yes every set. They found that bodybuilders that who used straps gained an extra 1-2 reps per set on every set if that’s not enough reason to use them then I don’t know what is. That could be an extra 20-30 reps per workout.

Listening to music had a similar effect on rep ranges lifters who performed shoulder workouts to their favorite music were able to get an extra rep or two on every set you should put your earbuds in as you’re going into the gym. In prepping for your workout your body will begin releasing testosterone and Adrenalin which is further enhanced by the sound of your favorite music. As for the weight belt the results are the same if you can get more reps on each exercise you perform you will get bigger and stronger.

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