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About Us


How TGB Supplements Got Started

TGB Supplements was started to provide our customers with the best customer service around. We make sure all of our products we carry are top quality, and will give our customers the best results. Unlike GNC and all the other typical supplement companies, we pick and choose what products we want to carry, and which ones we don’t. We look for specific ingredients and formulas that each product contains. We are open to carrying anything and everything as long as we believe it will only benefit each and every one of our customers. We take into consideration those who are just getting into the fitness industry, and also those who have been in the fitness world for years. Customer service is key to every one of our employees, and we want to make sure each customer receives the best customer service around. We don’t just limit ourselves to just trying to sell supplements. Expanding our business, and getting involved in different activities is another way we stand out. We’ve sponsored local events, sponsored athletes all around the world, competed ourselves in events other than bodybuilding, Trevor is a NPC Prep Coach where he’s coached athletes all the way to the top and has had multiple competitors place in the top 5 and even win shows, we’ve done almost everything and anything we can to try and expand our business, and to get our name out there. Each one of our employees loves what they do, and wants to help anyone and everyone who is willing to listen, and put the effort in. We know the fitness industry can be intimidating, but we want to change that perspective, and give everyone an opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams by giving them the support and confidence they need. To do so, we provide our customers with the best quality customer service we can.

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