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Iron Forged Nutrition Omega 3 Fish Oil



Iron Forged Nutrition Omega-3 Fish Oil- The IFN Omega-3 Fish Oil is a quality essential Fish Oil containing eicosatetraenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that is free of Genetic Modified materials and components. The IFN Omega-3 Fish oil is available in an affordable 60ct mylar pack. Each soft gel delivers 1000mg per soft gel containing 180mg EPA and 120 DHA per serving. The IFN Omega-3 is another addition to our white series, which is a base ingredient product line with no unnecessary fillers and only one ingredient per product.

Benefits of IFN Omega-3 Fish Oil-
*Fish Oil, when taken in moderate dosing of 2-4 soft gels per day consistently, can help keep blood thinner which can potentially help prevent the blood from clotting easily.
This could lower the chance of cardiac events. Consuming higher amounts of fish oil from foods has been linked to a lower risk of heart failure. Taking Fish oil by mouth may reduce the chance of hospitalization or death for those who have already had or experienced a previous cardiovascular loss. Fish oil may help lower Blood pressure in people with moderate to High blood pressure. In some instances, fish oil has been shown to benefit those with a fatty liver. Fish oil can be very beneficial for men who are using hormone replacement therapy or who are illegally taking steroids because it contributes to the blood being thinner. Elevated levels of Hematocrit, RBC, or Hemoglobin are typical among many who use male hormones like testosterone, but that doesn’t mean this is ok to let go.; this is to as polycythemia. I use 4-6 grams of IFN Fish oil daily, along with IP-6 and Grapefruit seed extract, to help keep my hematocrit in check while using Testosterone replacement therapy. Another critical factor is staying well hydrated. Fish oil is also known to help reduce joint swelling and tenderness in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. People who take fish oil will regularly say that their joints are more lubricated and have less inflammation. Fish oil can have many positive effects and health benefits, some of which have been studied, and others are still being investigated. Getting enough fish oil and Fatty Acids like EPA and DHA from everyday foods is challenging. With that said, give our Iron Forged Nutrition Omega-3 Fish oil a try today and see firsthand what it can do for your overall health.


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