Push it to the limit!! Don’t push it over the edge…

You ever go to the gym and start working out and you just find that focus zone where you tune out life, and the rest of the world?  The only thing that matters at that moment is completing your set to the best of your ability.    GIving your absolute all, just that feeling of letting out that much energy gives me a high or a rush.   There is nothing like the feeling of moving heavyweight when you are feeling good!  This video is an example of one of those days.   I was feeling so good I knew I was going to end up hurting myself and I did just that.  The next wk I would barely be able to get my shoes on without assistance and every time this happens you ask yourself will I ever be the same again.   Will this be the last time I am able to physically move that kind of weight.    You never know that answer only time will tell.  Being able to train like this isn’t going to last forever.   As I am getting older (33 but I have been training for almost 20 yrs consistently) I am realizing that it is very important to know when to push it to the limit and where you need to draw that line and pull back a little bit.   Sometimes you don’t know how close to the line you are until you go for it and sometimes that is too much and you will pay for it.    I hurt my back pretty good on this day but when I  hit the 8 plates I knew better than to push out a couple more reps which could have really done damage beyond repair.   I hit a couple of reps and felt the pressure building in my low back and my umbilical hernia and decided to stop there instead of pushing for the 8 reps I was shooting for.   I still didn’t prevent getting injured but I feel like I prevented it from being as bad as it could have been had I just kept going like I might of 10 yrs ago.    The moral of the story is to enjoy every day and every workout that you are healthy and push yourself the best you can but also know that this isn’t going to be something that you will be able to do to the fullest for your whole life.   Being smart now can prolong your training life as you grow older but at the same time don’t short what you can do if you are feeling good!   PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BODY AND BE THANKFUL THAT YOU ARE HEALTHY!  DON”T TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED AND MOST OF ALL PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT but not over your limit!!  I hope you enjoy the video…

Credit to the Iron Forged Nutrition Illicit for getting me in the zone!

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