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Black Magic Super Natty

Optimize your hormone levels with our custom engineered designer Testosterone enhancer, Black Magic Super Natty! When testosterone is low in the body it presents unpleasant side effects such as unwanted belly fat, water retention, and low energy which can bring your personal physique goals to an abrupt halt.

This is why we developed, Super Natty™️! Our science based Testosterone Matrix is engineered to support increased natural testosterone levels, muscular strength, and prolonged endurance while keeping estrogen levels at bay.

Super Natty™️ is loaded with patented ingredients like Primave® which studies show increased natural testosterone levels by 19%. Pair that with the revolutionary Natural SERM E. Cottonii which naturally suppresses the E2 metabolizing-enzymes which are responsible for the creation of estrogen and you will be back in the game like never before. Jump over the hurdles and bring your best physique to date with Super Natty™️ from Black Magic Supply.


Super Natty is just that; supernatural. It is great at pushing the envelope of using unique ingredients to get unique results. This product is a natural testosterone support product meaning it takes aim at optimizing testosterone function. So if there is something lifestyle, exposure, or other bringing you down this may help bring you to peak production. How so?


The main drivers here are a triple threat coming from Byroviron, PrimaVie, and E.cottinii.

The Byroviron is pressing on the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis, or HPTA axis for short. Think of this as the system where your brain and balls talk to each other. It’s stacks this with PrimaVie, a patented form of Shilajit fulvic acid. This ingredient aims at building an exceptionally dense nutrient and mineral backboard for testosterone to be produce on.

E.cottinii on the other hand may have a potent anti estrogenic activity. Opposition to estrogen can lead to improvements in testosterone, whether it is preventing testosterone from becoming estrogen or making the ratio of the two more favorable towards testosterone. Why, and what even is a SERM? It is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, and things that act like a SERM change how estrogen reacts to the receptor. Now that can be done either by changing how the receptor works, how estrogen binds to it, ect..

The remaining extracts take on the more wild nature of the Super Natty. These are trying to reduce aromatase function and a little more on the libido. These impacts come from Fadogia agrestis, atractylodes, brassaiopsis glomerulata, and an extract of royal jelly. Why bother with these if they’re less studied? Hedging on the future!

Super Natty embodies what Black Magic is about; solid foundations to its formulations backed by ventures into the unknown.

**Increases Natural Testosterone
**Decreases Natural Estrogen
**Enhanced Energy And Endurance
**Improved Strength
**Assists With Decreasing Belly Fat


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