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Performax Labs was founded by Aaron West in 2012 with a singular goal — to create effective, innovative formulas rooted in science.

Innovation for innovation’s sake is pointless.

That’s why we don’t rely solely on bringing innovation to the industry. After all, you can create an “innovative” form of a useless supplement (like glutamine), but at the end of the day, it’s still glutamine and doesn’t offer much benefit to the average fitness enthusiast.

We have made it our mission to not only be on the cutting edge but also create products that offer utility to athletes of all walks of life.

At that time, the supplement industry was littered with products consisting of underdosed, pixie-dusted proprietary blends. With a background in retail and manufacturing, Aaron was fully cognizant of the marketspace and could see it needed considerable improvement.

Wanting to bring a much-needed measure of quality, integrity, and science to the industry, Aaron set out to build a brand that delivered what the industry sorely needed — even if it didn’t know that it needed it.

Along the way, Aaron crossed paths with his soon-to-be business partner and Vice President, Derek Brooks.

Derek has an extensive sales background, having worked with such notable companies as BPI Sports and Vitamin Shoppe.

Together the two worked tirelessly to build a brand that was rooted in science as well as one that continued to push the envelope in its pursuit of novel ingredients.

Aaron and Derek worked hand in hand through the years, meticulously refining Performax’s flagship pre-workout supplement — HyperMax. As their partnership grew, so too did the quality of their formulas; HyperMax was replaced by HyperMax XT. Doses were titrated, superior ingredients were added, and flavoring was improved, elevating the overall quality of the product with each iteration.

In 2019, the duo cracked the code and released HyperMax Extreme, which would go on to become the #1 ranked pre-workout by numerous industry figures.

Combining laser focus, massive pumps, and extreme energy, HyperMax was a revelation to the pre-workout landscape and continues to dominate the competition today.

That same quality, innovation, and consistency translate across the entire Performax Labs line of products as our commitment to you to help you push your fitness to the MAX!

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