Black Lion Research[Exotherm,Viron] Stack


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Black Lion Research[Exotherm,Viron] Stack

Black Lion Research[Exotherm,Viron] Stack

Black Lion Research[Exotherm,Viron] Stack

Black Lion Research[Exotherm,Viron] Stack EXOTHERM is designed to reduce estrogen and shred off bodyfat. This cosmetic transdermal has been shown to be one of the strongest lean gainers ever developed. -Lean dry gains -Fat loss -Anti estrogen -Increase IGF – Boost natural testosterone This is the next generation of aromatase inhibition.  Formeron was a huge success because it produced results that were visible via blood test and the mirror.  Don’t expect anything less from Exotherm.  This product not only can do what formeron was known for but even more.   The added fat burning effect is very noticeable and expect results that you can feel.  I was lucky enough to be a tester for this product and I can tell without a doubt that this product gets my full recommendation for anyone looking to control estradiol and get that hard grainy look. *these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

VIRON High grade Eurycoma longifolia (EL) extract plus Boron citrate Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat ali, Pasak bumi) is a plant native to Indonesia, Maylasia, Thailand, and vietnam. Raw plant material and extract have been used for centuries as a tonic for libido and sexual function. Studies indicate that it has tons of properties beneficial to the bodybuilder or weight trained athlete. Anyone who trains seriously knows what testosterone is and its vital importance to performance, strength and muscle gain not to mention libido and confidence and everything male. Lots of people don’t realize though that much of your Total testosterone is bound up and unusable. The majority of your test is bound to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). SHBG is a glycoprotein that binds to sex hormones, androgen and estrogen. Anything bound by SHBG is not available to bind to androgen receptors which is where we want it. EL raises testosterone levels, helps to manage estrogen, reduces cortisol and improves quality of life. Not all EL is equal though and we took great care to ensure we have the best possible extract that is only used by us. Many El products are fake, poor extracts or even just ground up plant material. Some are spiked with drugs like viagra or stimulants which may be harmful to your health. Our EL is the highest possible quality and will always be the best EL available for any price. EL has been shown to have the following potential effects: Boosts testosterone Increases luteinizing hormone Promotes erection Reduces SHBG Increases Free testosterone Decreases cortisol Decreases estrogen Increased muscle mass Improved sexual performance SERM properties EL is a star component to Viron but it’s not alone. We also include 10mg Boron citrate. Boron is a natural trace mineral that many people are deficient in. Boron has the potential to increase your FREE testosterone to levels high enough to create an abnormally anabolic environment. Even if your total testosterone levels are in normal ranges if your free test is very high it will be similar to total test being super high as its the free portion that really matters. BORON CITRATE PROPERTIES INCLUDE Increases Free testosterone Increased DHT Increased Vitamin D Decreases inflammation Increased muscle mass Improves joints Strengthens bones Reduces estrogen Lowers plasma lipid levels and enables removal of cholesterol through various means. Enhanced cognitive function. Hand eye coordination, Short term memory and concentration. Viron is a great supplement for: On natty supp cycles to keep test levels up and for the huge increase in free T. Also just for the added health benefits of both EL and Boron. Off cycle for increased test levels and to keep SHBG low. Lots of guys like to take EL year round for its mood and libido enhancing properties and many people are boron deficient. It is especially good for PCT. You could run the Viron and Formeron for PCT with no other additions. Post cycle your system is a mess. Aside from the obvious benefit in PCT of raising test and free test EL acts like a SERM similar to tamoxifen (novadex). In addition you get reduced inflammation and improved lipid profile (lipids are normally extremely bad after any oral steroid or prohormone). Furthermore you will benefit from the reduction in cortisol and general mood improvement everyone needs during PCT. Combines with Formeron it makes a perfect PCT. Eurycoma Longifolia increases testosterone levels. Eurycoma Longifolia decreases Cortisol. EL Testosterone EL increases LH EL reduces estrogen

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