The Triceps Trifecta: Time to deviate from the typical tricep pushdown

It’s no secret that one of the foundation movements of almost any arm workout is that of the tricep pushdown. Unfortunately, most people utilize the same pushdown technique almost every workout. The all too popular walk up to the overhead pulley, standing straight up and down, and repping out the standard pushdown movement. Although this will definitely aid in tricep growth, after just a few weeks your body will be nearly completely used to the movement and it will not be nearly as effective.

To break up the monotony of this exercise, try a slight variation known as the Triceps Trifecta. Essentially, you’re doing a superset consisting of tricep pushdown but at three different angles. To start off: Stand nearly completely erect and grab either your rope or handle attachment with a “palms-in” style grip. Ensure to keep your elbows firm against your sides and start the movement with your forearms nearly fully parallel to the floor. To execute this first portion of the superset, again ensure your elbows are tight against your torso then extend your arms completely with a full squeeze of your triceps at the bottom of the movement. Continue this movement for 8 reps. Immediately after your last rep, take a step backward and place your torso at a 45-degree angle. Bring your elbows forward and proceed to do another 8 reps. For the final portion of the superset, take one more step backward and place your torso parallel to the floor with a 90-degree angle at the waist and finish another 8 reps. Now that you’ve completed one set, run through the three different angles for another set but this time add 1 more rep to each angle. Continue to add 1 more rep to each angle for every set that you decide to do.

Quick tip: Make sure to keep the feet firmly planted throughout the movement. If you keep your feet locked into place, you will be able to better concentrate the movement into your triceps and away from the rest of your body.

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