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Kayla Smith – Crossfit Ridgeline Athlete


Kayla began CrossFitting in 2012 and after receiving her Level 1 Certification, began coaching. As an athlete, Kayla has had great success competing as an individual at the local level, and has had the opportunity to compete at the CrossFit Games Mid Atlantic Regionals as a Team Competitor in 2014 and the Granite Game in 2015. In the past 2 Crossfit Games Open, she has finished in the top 60 out of over 5000 female competitors in the region. Kayla has taken great pride in several podium finishes at highly competitive crossfit competitions such as Rally in the Valley, Steelfit, Test your Metal, and Fights at Foreman over the past couple of years.Since moving back to Morgantown, WV, TGB supplements has been the number one supplement supplier for Kayla and her Ridgeline team. TGB supplies her with nutritional coaching, recovery advice, and supplement timing information. She credits many of her achievements in her sport of Crossfit to TGB and its support. Kayla also started her own company Simply Caveman. To see the official Kayla Smith Facebook page and Simply Caveman’s page see link above and below: