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Bill Bosley – Uniontown Fight Club Owner/MMA Instructor

Bill Bosley, from Hopwood, PA and his wife, Tara live in Uniontown, PA. He graduated from Laurel Highlands High School, and studied at Penn State Fayette, the Eberly Campus, graduating in 1990. In 2010, the Uniontown Fight Club was founded by Bill Bosley and is affiliated with NAAFS, VFL, Cage of Chaos, Simons Promotions, Pinnacle Fight Series, World Series of Fighting, King of The Cage, and Gladiator of the Cage. Bill not only helps train fighters, and supports them, but he also promotes fights and gets involved in every aspect of the industry. He promotes fights from Morgantown, WV at the Waterfront Place and around the Uniontown area including the Ice Mine located in Connellsville, PA. As a trainer, coach, and motivator, Bill has always and continues to steer his fighters in the right direction not only with their fighting careers, but in life in general. Bill may not say this himself because he is too humble, but he is a role model to many of the local competitors in the area. With his support and dedication, Uniontown has become known for having some very tough men and women fighters. They are now offering jiu-jitsu classes as well as MMA training and fight prep at his gym. Bill has been a working one-on-one with Trevor for a couple of years now with many of his fighters. Together they come up with a game plan as to how the fighter is going to make weight and what supplements should be used to help keep the fighter strong and healthy going into fight week. Bill trusts TGB Supplements to help get his fighters to make weight in a healthy way without losing their strength and endurance, especially when there is no time to spare. We have not had any fighters not make weight to date and the Uniontown Fight Club has been having lots of success thanks to the leadership of Bill. To check out the official Bill Bosley AND Uniontown Fight Club Facebook page see the links below: