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Terry McMillen

Terry McMillen

Terry McMillen –

Terry McMillen, Jr.

I’m a Husband, Son, Dad, Grandpap, United States Marine (1986-1990), and a Business Owner. I have always been involved with sports and kept an athletic look. After my son was born, my sports activity had fallen to the back burner. When my son turned 5, and started into hockey, I went from playing sports to coaching. After a while of being on skates, I started to play in adult house leagues once a week. During 2009 I received a promotion at work that brought me from outside work to inside work at a desk for 75 percent of my time. I started to notice the “Dad Bod” starting to form. During 2013 my wife and I decided it’s time to hit the gym and joined the local LA Fitness in Greensburg, PA. We got a trainer and my fitness journey started up again. I completed a Tough Mudder September 2013 and a Spartan “Super” Race in October 2014. My results from the Spartan Race Ohio Super (11 miles), was 5th out of 82 in age group, and 177th overall out of 1,642, with a time of 2:47:04. After this Race I turned my workouts more to a body building style. I wanted to add lean muscle size and lose more belly fat. Noticing the changes, it drove me more and more. I had a few people ask if I was working to compete and always laughed it off with “No, I’m doing it for me”. After a while, it got me thinking if I could really do it or was I passed my time. I was already buying my supplements from TGB Supplements, so one day I decided to ask Trevor what he thought. I set up an appointment to meet with Trevor and Mod in May of 2017. After we met, I made the decision to step on stage for the first time in my life at the age of 49. In 2018 I will compete twice at the age of 49 and once later in the year at the age of 50.

Terry McMillen  Terry McMillen  Terry McMillen  Terry McMillen

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