Sissy Squats The Squats For Anything But Sissies

Great quad sweep means super heavy back squats right. Nobody’s going to deny that barbell squats are an excellent tool to hit the thighs, hamstrings and your whole structure, but it is far from an isolation exercise. Usually we try to pound the thigh extension machine to isolate the anterior thighs but this can be troublesome on the knees. A solid alternative to isolate, carve and cause your quads to downright explode is from the sissy squat. I know what you’re thinking no way I’m doing something called a sissy squat, well you’re more likely to be called a sissy if you would back out from doing them. Your thighs will be isolated and screaming for some relief, but there will be none until the end of the set. Sissy squats activate the entire musculature of the anterior front thigh. It consists of four major muscles that cover the anterior and lateral parts of the femur bone the thigh and comprise the three vastus muscles and rectus femoris muscles.
To perform a sissy squat first warm up your knees and thighs before beginning your workout, this should include some dynamic stretches and some light cycling or a few minutes on the stepper. Grab a vertical pole in the gym about waist height, stand upright with your feet about four inches apart and hold onto your supporting structure well, your waist and hips should remain straight as you flex your knees and rise up on your toes, slowly bend backwards so that your upperbody is lowered towards the floor continue to bend backwards as you let your pelvis and knees move forward bending backward needs to come from flexing your knees if you only use your hips and bend backward from your waist you could injure the intervertable disks of your lower back. Continue flexing the knees as you bend backward stop when your buttocks approach your heels. At the bottom position you should feel great stretch across the entire thigh. Return to the starting position by straightening your knees but do not lock out. And stand upright and placing your heels back on the floor. Immediately move into the next repetition. It is important to keep a fluid motion in both movements do not rest at the top as this will eliminate the constant tension on the muscles and weight will be transferred elsewhere. Always perform this movement slowly and controlled, never bounce or be reckless with your movements, sissy squats can transform your current lower limb structure in no time at all, the first few reps will be okay but as you continue through each set you will quickly become fatiqued and will be starved for blood building upon the thigh pain then you limp to a bench but it will be well worth it as in the next few months you will be needing a new pair of jeans.

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