Iconic Formulations ICON 11


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Iconic Formulations ICON 11

Iconic Formulations ICON 11

Iconic Formulations introduces Icon 11, a powerful topical product that will induce rapid and dramatic improvements in body composition and strength. Icon 11 utilizes Iron Legions leading topical carrier, Salvo. The active ingredient in Icon 11 is 11-ketotestosterone. 11-ketotestosterone works on two different fronts simultaneously to blitz troublesome fat reserves and put your body into anabolic overdrive.

• 11-ketotestosterone is a naturally-occurring strongly anabolic compound. It is found in trace amounts in humans (it’s a metabolite of adrenal hormones) and is the primary androgen in fish (so it’s present in the food supply).

• 11-ketotestosterone is active without conversion, is incapable of aromatization, and activates the androgen receptor. [1]

 11-ketotestosterone is also a strong and selective inhibitor of the reductase activity of 11β-HSD1, [2] meaning that it reduces cortisol levels in fat tissue and in the liver. High levels of cortisol in those tissues are associated with a number of symptoms of ‘metabolic syndrome’, like increased hepatic glucose production, adipocyte differentiation, central obesity, and insulin resistance.

Icon 11 is ideal to aid in the cutting process, for help with fat loss while retaining strength and muscle. Icon 11 is also ideally suited as a “recomp” agent, for simultaneous fat loss and muscle and strength gain.

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