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Antaeus Labs Titan / Black Lion Research Follidrone 2.0

Antaeus Labs Titan / Black Lion Research Follidrone 2.0 – Titan – Ultra-Tomatidine

  • Highly potent anabolic.
  • Non-hormonal, thus no need for PCT or liver/cycle support.
  • Heart healthy, may assist with lipid and cholesterol support.
  • Naturally extracted from the tomato plant.
  • Complexed with shilajit for vastly enhanced solubility and bioavailability.
  • Shilajit may assist with muscle growth and may provide testosterone support.

Antaeus Labs Titan / Black Lion Research Follidrone 2.0 – TITAN is Tomatidine — simply the most potent natural anabolic available. [1-3] In a direct comparison to ursolic acid, it was shown to be nearly 10-fold more potent. It was also discovered to be nearly 5-fold more orally bioavailable. It increases mTOR signalling in skeletal muscle, inhibits the ATF4 pathway, and dramatically stimulates protein synthesis. Of particular benefit to power athletes and bodybuilders is the fact that it stimulates growth primarily in Type IIb and Type IIx muscle fibers — the power fibers with the most potential for growth.

Although tomatidine is, as previously mentioned, more orally bioavailable than ursolic acid, it still displays extremely poor aqueous solubility — estimated at 0.000189 mg/mL [4] — which places hard limits on its oral bioavailability. To sidestep this issue, we’ve complexed tomatidine with shilajit. Shilajit, which has been used as a tonic and rejuvenating agent for centuries, is a fully water-soluble mixture of fulvic acids, humic acids, and minerals. Much like cyclodextrins, it is capable of binding small molecules like tomatidine and forming amorphous, water-soluble complexes. [5-7] Our tomatidine-shilajit complex is orders of magnitude more water-soluble than pure tomatidine, a fact which boosts its bioavailability to heights otherwise out of reach.

The fact that shilajit has itself been shown to assist with muscle growth, and boost testosterone levels in healthy young men, is just a bonus. [8-9]

As is the fact that tomatidine is proven heart healthy, and may be able to assist with cholesterol and lipid support. [10-11]

…The important thing is that TITAN is the most potent natural anabolic available.

Accept no substitute. TITAN has been rigorously tested, results are publicly available, and a patent is pending. TITAN uses top-quality tomatidine (standardized to over 95% purity) and shilajit (standardized to 50%+ fulvic acids).


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Black Lion Research Follidrone 2.0 Epicatechin
Promotes AMPK
Increased Follistatin
Reduced myostatin
Reduded Activin A

Heart Healthy

Ecklonia Cava: EC
Muscle mass
Fat loss
Promotes AMPK
Increased Follistatin
Reduced myostatin
Reduded Activin A
ACE inhibitor
Heart protective
Increased brain function
Reduced cholesterol
GLUT4 Expression

Antaeus Labs Titan / Black Lion Research Follidrone 2.0 Ecklonia Cava is one of the most well studied seaweeds on earth. Millions of dollars have been invested in the research of these ingredients. Its exceptional with regards to heart health benefits and safety. It is also exceptional with regards to its benefits to us as muscle gain and fat loss enthusiasts. Like Epicatechin, EC is a strong follistatin booster and as such myostatin inhibitor. In addition to its ability to reduce myostatin it is also a very solid ACE inhibitor. Ace inhibitors are interesting to say the very least. Ace inhibitors increase insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake into muscles. Lower ACE levels equates to lower overall bodyfat levels, increased fat metabolism in the liver, and the ability to process sugars much faster. In addition, increased cell surface GLUT4 increases nutrient shuttling into muscle tissue. It has been suggested that ACE inhibitor-induced positive effects may also be mediated by direct action on the skeletal muscle. In particular, two recently published observational studies documented that among hypertensive subjects free of CHF, treatment with ACE inhibitors was associated with better performance and muscular outcomes. Genetic studies also support the hypothesis that the ACE system may be involved in physical performance and skeletal muscle function. Effects on the skeletal muscle are probably mediated by mechanical, metabolic, anti-inflammatory, nutritional, neurological and angiogenetic actions. Individuals with the II genotype of the ACE gene have greater endurance and greater skeletal muscle trainability in some studies. Hypertensive patients taking ACE inhibitors have greater cross-sectional muscle mass and a slower decline in walking speed than those taking other antihypertensives in epidemiological studies. ACE inhibitors are also known to improve heart function, endothelial function, muscle glucose uptake, increase potassium levels, and modulate other hormonal systems including IGF-1, all of which could contribute to improved skeletal muscle function. Finally, ACE inhibitors could of course be mediating a direct effect on skeletal muscle structure and function; they are known to have trophic effects on myocardial heart tissue. Finally ACE inhibitors help us with fat loss independent of food intake. This appears to be due to a high energy expenditure related to increased metabolism of fatty acids in the liver, with the additional effect of increased glucose tolerance.

EC is a strong vasodilator and helps restore and increase endothelial function. EC can regenerate the vascular endothelium, the cells critical to the inner lining of the blood vessels. They generate the chemical nitric oxide (NO), which keeps the arterial walls to become relaxed and dilated. After a six-week study of EC, flow mediated dilation and NO mediated dilation increased by 60% and 50%. In another study, coronary artery disease patients were given EC for six weeks. Blood flow controlled by NO increased 50-60%. These results confirm that EC can rejuvenate damaged endothelial cells to produce NO. This effect was further confirmed in a study on erectile dysfunction (see below).

Scientists studied 31 men with erectile dysfunction (ED) for over six months. They compared eight weeks of EC use to Viagra. They looked at orgasmic function (OF), intercourse satisfaction (IS), overall satisfaction (OS), and erectile function (EF). Over those eight weeks, ECE scored 87%, 74%, 62%, and 66%. Viagra scored 27%, 44%, 39%, and 66%. No side effects were reported with EC:
DGAT Inhibition
Diacylglycerol acetyl transferase (DGAT) is the enzyme involved in the final step of triglyceride synthesis. Triglycerides are circulating fat bodies that ultimately wind up in the fat cells, and are almost always elevated in diabetes. They also have emerged as a major risk factor in vascular disease.
It was found that EC compounds inhibited DGAT more than 50%. In genetically caused obese laboratory rats, EC reduced body fat and increased physical activity. In another study, EC caused leanness and fat-resistance in animals given a high fat diet.

ECE Beverage: 2-Week Clinical Trial
In a human study, 141 young adults were given a beverage containing ECE at 200 mg daily. In two weeks their average weight dropped nearly 2.5 pounds, muscle mass increased by nearly 2.5 pounds, and body fat dropped by 4 pounds, or 7.48%. EC stimulates the body to burn fat by increasing muscle mass.
Flos carth
Increased Follistatin
Reduced myostatin
Reduded Activin A
Increased NO production

Flos Carthami extract was initially a target for me because of its ability to increase Follistatin (see Fig 1.). Increased Follistatin, decreased Myostatin and activin A lead to increased muscle building potential. Flos Carthami has a strong antioxidant effect and is highly anti inflammatory. more than one tester mentioned a reduction in overall muscular pain perception acutely post training and during the DOMS stage of recovery. Several studies indicate that FC improves endothelial function and NO production similar to EC and (-)-E extract.


Quercetin/niacin co crystal

Vasodilator, Increased VO2 Max,

Quercetin niacin co_crystals are a whole new ingredient. Everyone knows about quercetin and niacin which is heart health friendly but quercetin has very poor oral bioavailability and niacin causes severe flushing at decent doses. Bonding the molecules together increases the absorption of Quercetin many times over and prevents the Niacin flush. Quercetin has been mentioned for everything from endurance and an increase in VO2 Max to fat loss to its strong antioxidant effect, however, for our purpose we added it specifically for its ability to increase the absorption of our other ingredients. Specifically, epicatechin. Its as just an added bonus.

Both of these tested exceptionally well and have strong scientific evidence supporting their use to increase the absporption of epicatechin.
Octyl gallate
Citrus bioflavaniods


Antaeus Labs Titan / Black Lion Research Follidrone 2.0

Antaeus Labs Titan / Black Lion Research Follidrone 2.0

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