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Black Lion Research Prolactrone

Black Lion Research Prolactrone

Black Lion Research Prolactrone

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Black Lion Research Prolactrone

Black Lion Research Prolactrone is a supplement that solves the problem of elevated prolactin levels. Often bodybuilders are faced with dealing with the effects of elevated prolactin. These effects include sexual disfunction, growth of breast tissue, and for some lactation. Obviously these are unwanted side effects that must be managed. Current medications used in the treatment of prolactinemia have many negative side effects as well so you trade one set for another. Often these medications will only be used for a couple weeks because the side effects are so severe. With Prolactrone this is not the case as Prolactrone is 100% non toxic and can be used safely for as long as is necessary.
Prolactrone has no negative sides. Prolactrone can safely and effectively lowers prolactin levels.

In addition to decreasing prolactin this supplement may also:

Increases dopamine levels
Increases HGH levels up to 600% or more!
Improves mood

Improves sleep
Increases libido
Can reduce cholesterol
Increase energy
Increase fat burning

Reduces bodyfat, increase muscle mass, better sleep and improvements in skins texture



MAOIs (Nonspecific monoamine-oxidase inhibitors), powerful antidepressant drugs

Antipsychotic drugs, such as phenothiazines, butyrophenones and reserpine

Antihypertensive drugs such as guanethidine and methyldopa (may cause increased hypotension)

Use Prolactrone cautiously with dopaminergic drugs such as amantadine, benserazide, carbidopa, atropine, and amphetamine, only under the guidance of a trained health care professional.

Do not take if you have any pre existing medical issues.

Consult a Doctor before beginning any dietary supplement.

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1. Paul on 8/19/2014, said:

efficient at controling prolactin have had bloods to prove it, plus the great sleep is a bonus.
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