Here’s How Music Enhances Your Workout

Here’s How Music Enhances Your Workout

Here’s How Music Enhances Your Workout

Here’s How Music Enhances Your Workout Many of us have our “go to” music playlists on our phones or media device to really motivate our workouts. It doesn’t take a scientist to prove that listening to music actually enhances your workout. However, as with many other theories, several scientists have done research and testing to prove that music does truly affect your workout.

Music has been utilized for exercise for centuries. In fact, probably longer than you would have ever imagined. As far back as 300 B.C. and possibly even earlier, musical instruments were used to enhance the body’s movements. The Romans would utilize large drums in front of the rowers to create a tempo for their bodies to follow while rowing through the oceans. It is the same principle today, just in different circumstances. Many of us have at least one song that when we hear it, we begin to push harder on whatever exercise we may be doing. This is not only due to enjoying the song that you’re listening to, but also the body responding to the music. The more upbeat and higher tempo songs tend to create more power output during exercise. As the sound enters through your ears into your body, your body translates that energy into waves and pulses. These are then carried to the nerves surrounding the brain which influence movement throughout the body.

Listening to music while exercising has shown changes in metabolic rate, blood pressure, heart rate, a reduction of fatigue, and reduced mental and physical stress. It can also help to distract you from how hard you may be breathing or how taxing your exercise is to allow you to push harder and for a longer duration.

So in short, if you want to perform at your best during exercise, make sure to listen to some music that you truly enjoy. Your body will respond positively and you will find yourself pushing more intensely during exercise.



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