A Closer Look at the Nootropic Modafinil and it’s Effects

A Closer Look at the Nootropic Modafinil and it’s Effects

A Closer Look at the Nootropic Modafinil and it’s Effects

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A Closer Look at the Nootropic Modafinil and it’s Effects – We are going to go over some of the key points on our usage of the drug Modafinil aka Provigil and go over what we talked about on our video. This is a potent nootropic or smart drug which enhances mental acuity and sharpness. While on modafinil your thoughts can sometimes seem robotic.  You almost don’t need time to react you just do it naturally. This drug stands in a category of its own!  It is something to use sparingly though because it’s potent and if abused you will not be able to get much quality sleep at the very least.  Other potential side effects we noticed were a slight elevation in our heart rates at rest and blood pressure levels. We also noticed an adaptation to the drugs effects quickly. So you want to only enjoy it when you really need it and we recommend from our experience to only use it for no more than a couple days in a row.  This was from our personal experience.

A Closer Look at the Nootropic Modafinil and it’s Effects

  1.   Initial thoughts or effects noticed: There was an increase in pressure behind the eyes it was very noticeable almost like a lot of blood was rushing to that area.   This came around 30min after it was consumed.  I noticed this feeling the first three times of usage and then pressure faded away with continued use.
  2.    Continued use and effects. There is a definite tolerance that accumulates pretty quick around the 1-2 week mark with diminishing     returns. I would use this drug sparingly to minimize the chance of this. Sleep was effected I was tired but my mind couldn’t get relaxed again this faded with continued use.
  3.   Recommended uses: This products works wonders for people that work swing shifts, narcolepsy, or suffer from sleep apnea.   Recreational use is common with students in college and a lot of business professionals/politicians like to use this drug in hopes of pushing ahead of the competition or performing better mentally.  It is like  a performance enhancing drug for the brain. I noticed any caffeine intake was enhanced sharply this could correlate with a faster adaptation or tolerance to the modafinil in my opinion.


Some over the counter alternatives for modafinil if you are looking for something more easily attainable. Although not as potent they still provide a nice boost in mental acuity.


Antaeus labs Psyche-  This is a very mild mental mood and cognitive enhancer.  I recommend this product for anyone looking to get into nootropics but don’t want to get anything overly strong yet still want to feel the positive effects.

SNS-Noopept Xt- This one is pretty popular it gives a nice mental clarity and increased focus without being to strong which some can leave you feeling edgy. Great value for the price.


Animis Ominiscienti- Probably the most popular Nootropic we sell giving razor sharp focus without a hard crash or fall off, it’s nice and smooth the customers love this one.  Probably one of the most potent nootropics on the market to our knowledge.


Man Sports Noopump- This one here is a little different meaning it has nootropics for focus as well as vasodilators for increased pump and bloodflow a little more of a “workout based” Nootropic.  This is another great product that will help with focus during your workout without all the normal stimulants.

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