Legal Anabolic Steroids

Legal Anabolic Steroids



Legal Anabolic Steroids The question on everyone’s mind is simple…are there legal anabolic steroids on the market and if so, how can I get some!?!?


The short answer is “No”. There are not legal anabolic steroids on the market. Anabolic steroids are by definition illegal, so anyone selling them would be guilty of a felony. Some people in the past have sold “grey market” steroids and called them dietary supplements, but ever since the anabolic control act of 2014, these products have been taken off the market.


Anyone claiming to sell legal anabolic steroids is typically pulling a scam! Don’t fall for any sort of BS company that refuses to tell you what’s in the supplements that they sell and uses steroid sounding names. These are the tell tale sign that you are most likely getting ripped off!


There aren’t legal anabolic steroids on the market any more and be careful with anyone claiming to sell you “DECKKA” or “ANADRALL” since these will often be herbs at best or a scam at the worst.



I hate to tell you but these are usually bullshit. The word “steroid” can mean everything from Cholesterol to Ecdysterone (bug steroids) to Estrogen to AAS (Androgenic Anabolic Steroids). The AAS are the “steroids” that you desire to build muscle but the term “steroid” can be used for anything. Thus, someone could be selling you ecdysterone and still call it a “legal steroid” without being misleading. Still, that’s not what you are looking for and not what they are marketing.


Most of them contain a mix of phytosterols which are useless or 5-DHEA which isn’t great without some key ingredients or something like Pregnenolone, which is good for you but isn’t a really good prohormone to anything that builds mass. A lot of them also contain useless herbs like Tribulus, that don’t do anything for building mass or increasing testosterone.


It’s best to avoid anything that has a “steroid sounding name” and refuses to list the ingredients. That’s the surest way to spot a scam.



No, actually prohormones are not anabolic steroids because they don’t build muscle on their own, nor are the active on their own. Prohormones are simply legal hormones that can convert into active steroids in the body but do not have activity on their own.


There are prohormones sold in every state in America and the #1 prohormone is called DHEA (5-DHEA to be more accurate). All forms of DHEA are exempted from being a Schedule III anabolic steroid and thus you can purchase DHEA at every Walgreens and Walmart across the country. 5-DHEA converts into testosterone, 1-DHEA converts into 1-Testosterone and 1,4-DHEA converts into boldenone.


This is how you can legally take “steroids” to optimize your hormone levels but not break the law by buying anabolic steroids. Prohormones will get your hormones to a place where you can get into great shape as long as you take them with proper diet and exercise. You can’t build muscle without a good diet containing large amounts of protein and a work out program that gives you the soreness you need to get big!



The closest thing to “real steroids” are prohormones like the ones mentioned but these only convert into active anabolic steroids, they are not anabolic on their own. So, if you want the closest thing to “legal steroids” without breaking the law, you need to look at the most popular prohormones on the market.

1-Andro – this converts to 1-AD and then further to 1-Testosterone. 1-Testosterone is 2-7 times as anabolic as testosterone, which means you get good results from this hormone. It causes hardness and muscle growth without bloating or estrogen side effects. Our Pr Prohormone has 1-Andro at a very nice dose!
4-Andro – this prohormone converts into 4-AD and then into testosterone. You need to take a higher dose of it than 1-Andro but it is better for building mass and will kick your sex drive into overdrive! Our Te Prohormone has a healthy dose of 4-Andro!
EpiAndro – this prohormone to Stanolone is great from cutting and strength and will give you aggression in the gym and make you perform like a porn star! EpiAndro is prized for guys who want to get strong and cut up! The Ma Prohormone has a killer dose of EpiAndro!


There you have your answer. Are there legal steroids on the market? Sure, but they may not be what you are expecting to take. It’s best to know what the ingredients are in each product and many of these ads in the back of magazines never list the active ingredients for a reason…they are typically filled with “steroids” that do nothing major to build muscle or even worse are totally useless. Buyer beware and only buy true prohormones from a reputable company!


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