IGF-1: What Is It and Why Should You Take It?

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) is an endocrine hormone that is actively produced within the liver. Several types of cells within the body contain receptors which accept the IGF-1. Given this fact, IGF-1 is a great component at signaling cell to cell communication (resulting in growth) as well as cell division.

Given the background of IGF-1, how is it beneficial to just about anyone? Well, there are many benefits found within raising your levels of IGF-1. Protein synthesis, the act of nutrients being shuttled into the muscle and used for growth, is actively increased. The regenerative properties found within nerve tissues may be increased and made more efficient. For people who are seeking a leaner physique or to shed off some body fat, IGF-1 also aids in the regulation of our body’s fat storage to be used as fuel. Hyperplasia, the increase in the number of tissue cells, is actively increased within muscle tissues which results in larger and fuller muscle bellies. Joint pain may be reduced and injuries may have a faster recovery time with an increase in IGF-1. Exercise endurance may be increased and post exercise recovery times may become notably decreased. Another unique benefit is the anti-aging properties of IGF-1. With a higher level of IGF-1 comes a possible decreased risk of heart disease, increased neuron function, and higher brain cell regulation with age.

There are many health benefits associated with an increase in your levels of IGF-1. You may find it here.


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