Growing Bigger Arms Is A Challenge Part 1

Growing Bigger Arms Is A Challenge Part 1

Growing Bigger Arms Is A Challenge Part 1

Growing Bigger Arms Is A Challenge Part 1 The goal that many of us share is having visually pleasing, huge arms. Many people train their arms a few times per week in hopes of adding even a single extra inch onto their biceps and triceps. A good way to increase the tissue growth in the arms is to utilize heavier weights during your bicep curls and tricep extension movements.

Today, let’s focus on the biceps.

Your biceps are made of a high majority (60%) of type II (strength) muscle fibers. Given this fact, they respond very well to heavy weight stimulus during exercise. Also, it is best to hit the bicep from various angles to produce stress on every fiber within the muscle belly. An often overlooked exercise for the bicep is the chin-up (palms facing you). This very basic exercise allows for optimal and full stress on the bicep fibers during the entire rep range and will really amp up the growth of the tissue. A good way to get an extreme stretch on the bicep while contracting it is through the seated bicep curl. With the bench on an incline as if you were going to do incline chest press, allow your shoulders to hyper extend and curl the dumbbells to near full contraction. This will allow for a deep stretch in the bicep and a harder contraction at the top of the movement. Considering the bicep is also responsible for the supination of the forearm, twist the dumbbell when you reach the peak of the contraction to engage even more fibers and cause an increase in tissue growth. A final tip for biceps: when going heavy, do not be afraid to allow your shoulders to naturally flex forward a few degrees during contraction. This will allow you to move even more weight during your set which will stimulate more type II fibers as mentioned earlier.


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