Feed Yourself To Explode In Growth

Feed Yourself To Explode In Growth


In order to grow you must consume absurd amounts of calories to feed new growth all the training in the world won’t help you grow without the proper intake of nutrients to repair and recover from the training. Consuming enough calories is a must when trying to accumulate tissue with all of that hard training you do you want to give your body best nutrients possible to grow, otherwise your body enters a catabolic state because proper nutrients are not present.

To avoid this, consume 18-20 calories per body pound. Examples are a 200lb man he will need 3600-4000 Calories per day and we want those to be from the best nutrients as possible. Pre-workout take in at least 20 grams of protein from your favorite source along with at least 40 grams of a slow digesting carbohydrate this will promote a few things, fuel for your workout, encourage fat burning, prevent catabolism while you lift and stimulate protein synthesis immediately after training.

When your workout is over you’re in the best state for growth so eat within 30min post workout as fast as possible if able. If you haven’t figured it out yet the most prized nutrient you need is protein, you can lift until you can no longer close your hand but without the proper amount of protein you won’t grow period! Protein is the building block of muscle it’s a must that’s a rule that can’t be broken unless you want to compromise gains and that’s no one.

Whole food sources are superior use them as much as possible there is a metabolic cascade that happens digesting whole food vs protein shakes that is way more beneficial than just drinking a shake down. Meal Replacements can be the unsung hero of mass accumulation because missing meals will kill gains faster than a vegan diet. Take them 2-3 hours after your regular meals. Finally water yes please don’t forget your water you need it more then you probably think so. Shoot for a gallon to 1.5 gallon per day. With the calories your burning and the sweat our expelling you need way more then the average joe. Water supports blood volume which helps deliver more nutrients to your hard earned muscles .

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