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Anabolic and It’s Natural? Yeah, …Natural-Anabolic.

IFN Most Wanted Black

Now, specifics about the Most Wanted products from Iron Forged Nutrition do not contain a ridiculous proprietary blend in a bottle claiming to yield results. On the other hand, it does boast compounds that drive results for athletes. Thankfully, it’s much simpler. All this is achieved with the use of naturally occurring substances.

Most Wanted presents benefits tailored to bodybuilders and resistance athletes looking for a way to increase their fitness output. It is important to note that Most Wanted products and their benefits are not limited to these specific athletes.

Alright well, …what’s in it?

Niche is an understatement pertaining to the compounds found in Most Wanted. Compounds present in Most Wanted Original include Ecdysterone Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin Complex and Laxogenin Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin Complex.

In short, these compounds have been derived from plants and the first-mentioned has been derived from spinach. The other, Laxogenin, occurs naturally in Mexican wild yams. As well as the compounds found in the original, Most Wanted Black also contains Rhodiola and Tyrosol for additional benefits such as lowering cortisol and antioxidant support. Articles detailing the legitimacy of each compound can be found in greater detail on Iron Forged Nutrition’s Website.

Does it actually work?

Individuals, both men, and women have utilized Most Wanted to propel their fitness levels since it hit shelves in 2017. Alongside serious training, consumers have reported several positive benefits and no adverse effects.

A beneficiary of the first mover’s advantage, Iron Forged Nutrition products contain dosages of compounds that have produced results for numerous athletes over the past several years. The brief product history of Most Wanted includes years of success and results, which speaks volumes not only for Iron Forged Nutrition but for the compounds in general.


· Lean Muscle Builder

· Fat Reduction

· Increased Protein Synthesis

· Faster Recovery from Hard Training

Okay, if it’s natural, do you take them?

I was eager to try the product when I found out that its contents were naturally occurring. I have followed a red-meat restrictive diet for several years and formerly played collegiate sports. With that being said, natural alternatives are extremely important for my diet and fitness regime.

Personally, I have not been exposed to another natural supplement that comes remotely close. There are few, if any, available options that promote the laundry list of benefits from Most Wanted.

Did you like it?

I like results, Most Wanted provides.

Finished my first normal leg workout I completed since suffering a grade one hamstring strain. A return from this injury typically takes 4–6 weeks, as I was told by the doctor. Although some heal faster than others, I returned to play my sport after 10 days, which hindered the healing process. The workout, 42 days following the injury, caused me no pain in my hamstring despite giving full effort. I believe Most Wanted played a significant role in my recovery.

With mindful dieting paired alongside two caps once per day, I had seen results within a week. Demanding sets late in my workouts were met with additional reps. As for how I feel, I have noticed several changes quickly: a faster recovery time post-workout and less fatigue during. Without a doubt my favorite benefit of Most Wanted. Physically, I noticed myself looking leaner with more definition only halfway through my first bottle.

An incredible product with even better results. If you lead an active lifestyle or are an athlete looking to enhance naturally, I recommend considering Most Wanted.

By Robert F. Wolfson

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