A simple trick that may help with diabetic related neuropathy, protecting brain and nerve tissue, and even aid with muscular gains!

Na-R-ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid) is an antioxidant found within every cell in the body. The antioxidant property of R-ALA allows it to destroy free radical cells within the body. This acid also helps the body to utilize glucose as energy while lowering blood sugar levels. R-ALA is a great supplement for diabetics given its ability to lower blood sugar while destroying free radicals. With the destruction of free radicals comes the relief from peripheral neuropathy. In fact, Germany has been utilizing Alpha-Lipoic Acid for years to treat and relieve diabetic patients of their neuropathy related issues. Another benefit of this acid comes from its ability to pass through the blood brain barrier. This allows the acid to enter the brain tissue which may allow it to aid it the protection of both brain and nerve tissue.

While R-ALA has been shown to be very promising for diabetics, bodybuilders and anyone else looking to pack on some muscle can benefit from this acid as well. Alpha-Lipoic Acid’s ability to breakdown and digest carbohydrates within the body allows for an increased insulin sensitivity. What exactly does this mean? Your muscle bellies feeling “full”, better pumps, increased fat burning, little to no bloat with carbohydrate consumption, better workouts, and increased nutrient partitioning just to name a few. Check it out here!

– Pete

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